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Teach your child absolute pitch

Give the lifelong gift of true music literacy.

- Absolute pitch is the best foundation for musical development.

Just as phonemes are the basis of spoken language, pitch sounds are the basis of music.  With absolute pitch, your child will have full command of the A-B-C's of musical language.  We Hear and Play is the musical primer from which your child can develop a complete mastery of music-- to hear, "speak", read and write music as easily as their native language.

- Build the neural "hardwiring" for your child's success in music.

Your child will learn music as a second language.  As you may know, in a child's early years they are especially able to learn new languages, because their brains have not yet fixed into adult patterns of knowledge.  By giving your child musical training during these most critical formative years, you literally "wire" their brain to be able to comprehend and express music as a complete language, and to have a deep appreciation of sound and harmony.

- We Hear and Play is playful and fun; it is intensive, not intense.

The We Hear and Play method is based on playing educational games, not on forced repetitive drilling.  Your child will want to "practice" because it is a fun activity, not a dreary chore.  The We Hear and Play games are highly directed in their goals, but highly flexible in their approach, so that your child can fully express his or her imagination and creativity.

- We Hear and Play training is transferable to any instrument.

We Hear and Play teaches your child to mentally "hear" the musical sounds they want to play.  This way, a student is not trapped into seeing printed notes only as piano-key assignments.  Instead, because they imagine the sounds, they can adjust to any instrument's fingering, "finding" the same notes in new locations.

- You can teach the course yourself, at home.

All you need is a piano and the We Hear and Play materials.  Although it is helpful to have an instructor who can guide you and your child towards superior technique and advanced development, you can teach your child the basic skills of absolute pitch and piano literacy just by playing the We Hear and Play games, following the guidelines in the Education for Absolute Pitch handbook.

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