interesting fragment and experience

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interesting fragment and experience

Postby vanselm » Wed Mar 25, 2015 4:45 pm

I'just copied and pasted this fragment from the beginning of the Phase 5 Research, because it reminded me in some way of the psychedelic experiences Carlos Castaneda talked about in his book "The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge". Everybody can`t get that grade of sensorial freedom!
I`ll keep reading through all this research!
"While I was at a Starbucks the other week, waiting for a rehearsal to begin, I noticed a mother who had brought in her very young baby; it was young enough that, if I had asked its age, I would've been answered in months, not years. I was reminded of what the authors of The Scientist in the Crib had said-- that the most fascinating thing about a baby is its intense fascination with everything that it encounters, and this baby was definitely riveted to every little thing that was happening around it. I watched the baby for a while and wondered about what it might be perceiving with its wide, intense gaze... and then, just for fun (I am an actor, after all), I decided to mimic the baby's expression and attitude. I'd learned a long time ago that you can actually feel a lot about a person's inner life by imitating them physically-- you can try this at the mall some time. Just fall in step behind someone, walk the way they're walking, and mime their gestures, and pretty soon you'll have a good idea of how they feel, and what kind of conversation they're having on their cell phone. By imitating this baby, I was quite surprised and pleased at what happened. Very quickly, everything that I saw seemed more interesting, because instead of being composite objects like "signs" and "tables" and "cups" and "people", they each had features and characteristics and colors that were unique and interesting just as themselves, even without acknowledging the thing they were a part of. Then I noticed that I was losing my understanding of what I was hearing-- the mother's voice, as she chatted with her friend, wasn't a conversation and wasn't even words, but was instead a kind of continuous musical sound. And every new sound that occurred seemed to hit me physically-- I felt a visceral shock every time the friend interrupted the mother, or the door's bell jingled, or a car motor roared past outside."

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