Note Boat - Keyboard Shortcuts

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Note Boat - Keyboard Shortcuts

Postby Andi » Sat Oct 04, 2008 11:36 am

When I change the settings of the Keyboard Shortcuts in Note Boat, I can't enter any note afterwards. I have to quit the game eg. to APA and then quit APA back to Note Boat. Then everything is working.

But now:
When I want to play Interval Loader the Shortcuts have changed, too, which is very annoying. In this Game I'd prefer the original shortcuts :?
But even worse: The shortcuts don't work at all in IL. All that happens when I hit a key is a "pling"-sound but the icons won't fall down into the box :evil:

Now that I've been playing NoteBoat for 19 Levels I start loving it. I've changed the Keyboard Shortcuts in the way as the notes would be represented on a piano. But with the introduction of the G-Chord there comes the B from the octave below middle C and this is a little annoying. I would need two different keys on the keyboard for the two different Bs (octaves). I think the best solution might be to alow imput from a MIDI-Keyboard (I know you are working on it) An alternative would be the circular order of the notes as it is used in the middle of Chordhopper. But in this case I would have to use the mouse and I fear that I wouldn't be able to enter the correct notes with the mouse on time. Using a seperat key or icon for each chord seems odd to me because the typing of the arpeggio when I hear a chord reinforces to hear the components of this chord, which is one of the goals of this game as I understand.

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Postby aruffo » Sat Oct 04, 2008 8:10 pm

I think I know what causes that first problem-- I'll have to take a look...

I hadn't thought about the octave issue, but you have a point... I'll see if there's something obvious to be done about that...

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