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Post by Ilusa » Fri Jun 13, 2008 12:19 pm

Chris I saw BIGEARS mentioned and you said they didn't offer enough information on it so I emailed them .

and said:

'Could you please give more details of how your program to learn perfect pitch works. Could you give me a basic understanding/outline of your methodology and a rough time frame to 1.see results and 2.attain full perfect pitch.

If it a universal perfect pitch one attains, ie to identify a pitch on any instrument or any sound in general ie pitch of the wind blowing or a door slamming.
Finally does it create an instantaneous innate perfect that once you attain it, it is instant and effortless you just know the notes, whether they are in 20 note chords or individual notes.

Thank you for your time'

and the reply was

"Because the demand has not been high, we have not put the course in finished form, so it's not going to be sold for a while. Translation: we have higher priorities that are taking our financial resources. Fully solving the AP question, making it truly useful and not an isolated phenomenon, is dependent on us finishing another product for which we need an infusion.

However, your questions are so good that I will answer some with our current understanding:

True AP development from non-AP requires a substantial rewiring and development of the brain. It takes very intense conditioning of a variety of styles. This can be augmented several ways, but acquired AP is not permanent, and is more like lifting weights.

There are a lot of important unanswered questions. Perhaps you can research this one for us: "Are there any individuals with enlarged Planum Temporale's who do not have AP?"

Best wishes,"

I just thought you may be interested.

Professor John Amaral

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