A new insight was just gained.

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A new insight was just gained.

Postby Angelman » Thu Apr 10, 2014 11:49 am

The latest ETC update has restored my interest in gaining absolute pitch and its related research. I give music lessons at a music store and I would be delighted to learn that I could teach my older students absolute pitch!

I was reading the "We Hear and Play" page and the information contained within it and I realized that I may have a form a incomplete absolute pitch. I'm sure there are plenty of non-APers who have had those moments where they hear something and know instantly what pitch it is and then that feeling goes away as quickly as it came. I had that recently when I went to play a digital piano and it sounded completely wrong.
I freaked because I thought "how can a digital piano be out of tune?" then I noticed the transpose button was on. Then I stopped and thought "How did I know it was off?"

Then I've been thinking about how I can and have always recognized the standard D Major chord on an acoustic guitar. In fact, I can hear it in my head and recall the F#. I thought nothing of this until I read the information on the We Hear and Play page.

I decided to see if this was really the case or just wishful thinking. I went to http://detrave.net/nblume/perfect-pitch/ to test my 'perfect pitch.'
Since I'm a trained musician, I would recall the F# then use relative pitch to get the notes.

So far, so good. If I made a mistake, I would be off by a half step but not only that, if I made too many mistakes in a row, I would give myself a short break and then recall the F# again and get it right. My pitch recall is 100% accurate as long as I take it easy and not have any reference tones, oddly enough.

So this raises the question for me, If I can recall one note, is there a way to train to recall more notes as an adult? Or is it the same as a non-APer wanting to acquire it, a matter of finding out how to teach/learn it first?

Finally, I truly feel that the Absolute Pitch Painter game is on the right track and can only hope it'll be the one to lead to answering my questions.

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