The right way or the Left?

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The right way or the Left?

Post by xerotolerant » Fri Feb 25, 2011 8:21 pm

I've been reading everything i could find about Absolute pitch and relative pitch, training etc. and I'm curious. Have you Mr. Aruffo, considered in your research right brain vs left brain theory.

Truthfully the "theory" is long complicated and beside the point. However there is a woman, an art teacher, author of the book "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain", Betty Edwards. In her book she explains a teaching method for drawing that is so astoundingly, astronomically effective that i think in there might be some of what you need to finally complete your work in trying to come up with a method to teach AP.

In the book she teaches how draw, which might seem unrelated, but after reading it, my understanding of practical functional learning has changed drastically. The lesson in drawing itself was AWESOME, and by that i mean, drawings improving from utter nonsense to such amazing accuracy less than a week. (It took half hour in my case before my first proper drawing).

But after the first lesson in the book i trust that you'll (and by that I mean anyone who reads it) understand what i mean when i say:
Maybe we've all been approaching this thing the wrong way, trying to use a literary logical mindset to work our way up to something that is the exact opposite.

Not logical, not progressive, but intuitive and emotional.

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