microtonality and other remarks

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microtonality and other remarks

Post by csaba » Mon Jul 16, 2012 9:08 am


I can share in support of the "same" object - concept, that in the moment I got actively involved in quarter-notes and eight-notes (50/25 cent), my abs. pitch lost for ca. 15 years came again.

Own experiences are always questionable, but working with musicians famous for their abs. pitch, showed also clearly that AP is stress-dependent in the amount the person leaves his "center" under stress.

Also, AP is for me a recognition pattern, applicable for any frequency I often need to use and so to recognize. It makes sense to memorize it, and almost simultaneously it also happens automatically happens. It is like with a scent.
It supports the thesis of "learn by need". However it gives also an emotional, associative "reward" (playing a Rachmaninov Gis-moll Preludes will recall some of the related memories with a gis-pitch) that acts as a glue in time.

One more thing:
For me it seems that musicians with AP tend to have a bit less accuracy in intonation than those having RP. The container "that falls in the category Bflat" can be sometimes a bit too comfortable and tempting to laziness.


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