function of pitch

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function of pitch

Postby Axeman » Mon Apr 25, 2011 6:25 pm

There is a program around that analyses the pitch of an audio file and then displays the pitches on a piano roll format. So you see all the notes streaming down toward their respective piano location. people use the program for transcribing purposes.

I was thinking that a similar idea could serve as a possible function for pitch. Instead of having a full length piano roll there could be a short one octave keyboard that could also be coloured according to the APA colour scheme. Each note of the audio sample would light up the piano key of its particular pitch and also at a height above it (to represent the octave it is at) and display a point of light of the same colour. This way the function of the pitch is abitrarily, to light up the corresponding key and point in line with the key on the piano roll. It would be like drawing a bar graph of notes. the role of the listener is to passively listen to the music and see the graphics. By concentrating on a particular key i.e. pitch one could hear and see every instance of a particular note and thereby be exposed to its chroma similarly to what APA does.
To add a game aspect to it you could use the keyboard of the computer as the corresponding notes of the octave and shoot the notes before they are displayed on the screen - assuming a slight delay in their display.

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