Beginner questions

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Beginner questions

Postby moz » Sat Dec 18, 2010 4:44 pm

I've been playing with APA for a few days now and am making some progress. Slow but sure. A couple of questions...

First, I find I'll go for runs where I instantly can correctly color the eggs, then all of a sudden I'll completely mess up a set and no amount of listening or comparisons will help. It's as if I've completely lost the ability to hear anything. I suddenly can't tell if one pitch is higher, lower or the same as an other. (This, BTW, is was pretty much my state before I started with APA.) I feel like this flailing around is only confusing myself more than helping.

One time when this happened, I grabbed my guitar tuner and learned that one egg was playing A->C# and another A->C. Then I listened again and this time I could hear the difference between the two eggs and suddenly I could hear the right answer for the other eggs too. I've been afraid to do this again to unstick myself. Any thoughts on what I should do when this kind of thing happens.

Second question, When I look at that stats, what are the "No target" and "Had target" numbers telling me. Are these somehow referring to my errors, or showing the proportion of correct answers I gave.


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Postby aruffo » Sun Dec 19, 2010 3:26 am

The whole point is to compare tones to each other-- whether you're comparing to the tones on the computer or on your tuner is immaterial. When you hear a difference your mind registers the change. In other words, the point isn't how you reach your answer, but whether or not you actually hear the target.

No target and had target numbers are telling you how many you answered correctly for each type-- that is, when you did NOT color an egg and it did NOT have a C in it ("no target"), or when you DID color an egg that DID have a C in it ("target").

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