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Postby Stefan » Sat Jan 15, 2011 3:45 pm

moz wrote:Curiously enough, the random instrument switching eventually comes around to a more familiar instrument and I recognize the note based on the easy instrument instead of being forced to figure it out against the unfamiliar instrument.

Maybe the answer is for me to remove the familiar instruments.

Have you tried to sing the pitch and keep it in your tonal memory while playing ABA? Doing that has helped keep the tones in my memory. Also in my opinion I think it is best to work at one instrument then slowly add more and more, ones that you are familiar with, and eventually go all out with a bunch of randoms, its a subtle perception but all timbres have the same chroma for whichever pitch you are working on, what i know helps me is not thinking about anything analytical in regards to the pitch, but just letting the sound come to you with a relaxed awareness, its more of an observative perception, the less distractions around you the better.

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