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Postby Batley » Sat Aug 27, 2005 6:18 pm

To start of I am currently at Cadet 2nd level on "C", and I have cleared 59 waves. Basically, I clear 3 waves each time I play now, but at this point I get stuck. I wish that there was a "play ground" option where a student could just listen and compare the sounds at the level that they presently acheived with the present pitch in them (just like the blue buttons) outside of the game. This way one's ear can come acclaimated to hearing the pitch in the new environments both by playing the game as well as just listening knowing that it's in there. I know that this is the function of the blue buttons. I just thought that this addition would be a nice supplement to the training, as well as a helpful aid.
Outside of these disonant chords the "C" jumps right out and even within these structures I think I feel the "C" at times. As I've read from others' experiances it seems better when I go with my gut over intellect in these situations, which makes sense if one thinks about developing a new perception. For the intellect can't properly grasp what it can't clearly perceive. I guess I'm doing a little venting now that these buzzy, razzy chords are presenting my ears with a situation that they can not easily resolve.
On the overall experiance since APB. At times C's jump out at especially with music that I have known for a while. Most of the time when they are in simple melodies. In addition the other night I was outside and the cicadas were out as they are thistime of year, and I noticed that two of them where a minor third apart then others' relationships to these two became clear. I then noticed that there was one that I couldn't discern the pitch at all. (relatively that is) It's sound was so raspy that my ear would only hear the timbre quality of the sound.
I found this interesting and thought is this because where I expect to have access to hear the pitch (for realitive comparison at this time) the timbre would hold my ear. I thought of this phenomena as if my mind expected a doorway a certain size to gain access to the deeper perception, but in this situation my mind needed to refine it's skill to fit through a smaller doorway in order to perceive the pitch. Is this what we are attempting to do in order to perceive the chroma as well? To develope listening skills so accurate that not only would a pitch's tone would be avaliable for relative processing, but to make distinctive the actual chroma?
Anyway, I have noticed a difference in my hearing skills overall since I began with ETC3. I have been very busy with my job at this time so have only been able to play one of each game a day usally broken up before and after work. I also believe that once I have more time and can actully start practicing/playing guitar again then I will have better progress even if I use ETC4 the same amount. I've always felt my ears were more open when I am playing music on a regular basis. If anyone has any advice or comments about similar experiances (in game or out) I would gladly appreciate it. Especially about strategies of dealing with these buzzy chords. I realize that It will probally just take more time and practice though. As it would in weight training to get to the next strength gain. Then again tips on technique from others has helped me advance in that area so why not here as long as I continue to consistantly practice.

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