Combining Relative Pitch with Absolute Blaster

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Combining Relative Pitch with Absolute Blaster

Post by Ehvam1 » Thu Aug 18, 2005 1:18 pm

I read in another post where you wondered about mixing absolute blaster with the interval training. I was thinking, remember when video games had bonus rounds before you could advance onto the next level? Well you can do that with a relative pitch round between rankings. It'd make the game alot longer and harder but maybe more effective?
I also have two questions. I was wondering, is there any way a person could pass all the levels without absolute pitch? Is it concievable? Or did you design it so it would be impossable to pass all the levels of a note without hearing the "chroma"?
Another, more mundane, question. My wife is also a singer/actress and wants to start doing this now. I was wondering if there's any way two people could play the game without screwing each others levels up? Now that i've gotten to captain, i'd hate to start at cadet while she catches up.

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Post by aruffo » Thu Aug 18, 2005 2:34 pm

Hm! I had thought about doing bonus rounds as singing games (once I get the microphone going)-- hadn't thought of doing them as harmonic games. Something to think about.

I also hadn't thought of multiple-user functionality, but that shouldn't be too hard to put in (famous last words, eh?). Keep an eye on the updates topic.

I thought I'd designed it that you couldn't pass all the levels without hearing chroma-- if you'd asked me that a couple weeks ago I would've said "no" with some confidence. Now I suspect that my main goal is to discourage people from trying to memorize tones. As Miklos showed, if you try to memorize a tone, instead of comparing the "live" sounds to each other, you may be able to progress without hearing chroma.

But then, it seems, by the time you get to the second pitch you're aware that something's not right-- so there seemst to be a nice built-in self-check there.

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