Encouragement for anyone who is struggling

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Encouragement for anyone who is struggling

Postby sam » Fri Jun 26, 2015 2:42 pm

Bottom line, it gets easier. Right now I'm on level 100 of my 5th note, and at 150 levels per note, that puts me right around level 700 out of 1800.

There were times when I would sit for 30 minutes and not be able to pass one level. I started a rigorous method that helped me get through the really hard stages. I would listen to each chord and get to the point where I could mentally hear each note as if played individually. This is a skill that was always really hard for me, and to my surprise it got easier, and simply being able to mentally arpeggiate a chord often revealed the note hiding. Sometimes I would play the same chord over and over and see how long my ear could hold onto a certain note. The notes on the top or the bottom were the easiest to hold onto, and notes in the middle were much harder. I've never really been able to hear more than one note at a time. I started focusing on hearing one note and once I could hear that note over and over, try to hold on to that note while trying to hear another. It's actually possible for those who think they can't do it. Another exercise would be playing different eggs back to back over and over, and trying to mentally trace melodic patterns through the two different chords. All of this seemed to help.

What's interesting now is how it is getting easier. I don't have to keep listening to the melody word as much. I don't have to go through every note in the chord as often, there is something indescribable that is either there or not there. Sometimes I can almost un-focus my ears and rely on a feeling and that feeling is becoming increasingly accurate. And of course sometimes I'll completely miss every single one and get humbled really fast.

Listening to music has totally changed. I can hear 3 part harmony now and be able to clearly discern different voices. Playing with other musicians is more interesting because all the notes in the chords are more clear.

I still struggle with hearing notes in chords quickly, I still struggle with some levels of the game, the point is I can tell my ear is getting better. I don't know if this will lead to absolute pitch or not, either way I'm seeing a huge benefit.

One last thing to look forward to if you are struggling, as you improve you will speed up. A level that used to take 5-10 minutes will take 2 or 3, and sometimes you will blaze through a level without making any mistakes.

Thank you Chris for the game, it has enriched my life! For anyone out there struggling, keep going, your ear will find a way!!

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Postby Paperstreet » Sat Jun 27, 2015 5:57 pm

Good to know. I have a terrible ear. In fact, I have quit my instrument several times out of frustration from my poor ear. I can only get to 7th ave on C note. Its gotten really difficult. The other games are impossible at this point. It's only been a week or two though, so I'll keep plugin away.

I feel like its helped already. I have tried singing a C into my phone tuner at random times during the day. And I'm usually within a semitone. Maybe that is just memorization?

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Postby aruffo » Sat Jul 04, 2015 4:32 pm

That's great to hear (so to speak). Thanks for posting your experience.

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