Thought of a way to use chroma perception without comparing

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Thought of a way to use chroma perception without comparing

Postby macashmack » Fri Apr 27, 2012 10:53 pm

Hello, I'm new here. Absolute pitch is something that i am incredibly interested in, and somehow I have found my way to this website a few months ago.

Well, i got APA demo a few months ago. I used it everyday for 10-15 days a week, and I restarted it every time. I can say with full confidence that it was working, and I could hear C in things that I would otherwise have no idea that they were C. Two examples were when my microphone beeped, and i thought it was a C, so I asked my father (who had AP) if it is a C, and he said that is was (he was pretty surprised that I heard it, it was pretty amazing) and when I was messing around with my cousins ukelele, and one of the strings I thought to be C, and when i asked what note the string was, she said C (i wanted to say something, but i thought it best to keep it to myself)

But I digress. I haven't used APA for a while, and me and my brother want to get it. We have been thinking of a way to work on perfect pitch without comparing a note to any other, or even to itself.

What we do is i the morning play C, and listen to it and sing it for 20 minutes, before we do anything else. We then go about our day. At the end, before we go to bed, we play a series of 30 notes for each other. The other one must then say whether or note it is C, but not what note it is otherwise. The tester tallies up all the correct and incorrect decisions. We make sure to play the target note more often than any other, and we play any random note within the 3 octave middle range. At the end, we tell the other person the score.

This has been working pretty well for us. When we started, we had only about 2 correct each. But now (ten days later) it was been slowwly getting better (today I had 14 correct and he had 16). When we both get at least 20 correct 3 days in a row, were going to move to another note (probably G).

I have been hearing the C again in things other than music. Not all the time, but every once in a while, (on a lucky day, more than once, but it has only happened about 7 times these past 10 days). C sounds a way. Almost like a half circle with tipped edges that starts thick and gets thin. (that probably makes no sense, but it reminds me of the color green, with is like soft steel wool with cotton at the end). I feel this in my ear when it happens, not a physical feeling, but like a sound feeling, IDK.

Maybe I'm just going crazy :shock:

We are going to get APA full asap, and we are going to mix these two idea's together. What are your guys' opinions on this stuff, what has APA and perfect pitch training done for you?

This program is really cool, Chris this research and study is amazing thank you so much for this.

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Postby rainriot » Tue Nov 06, 2012 9:13 pm

Hey, thanks for your post. That's a cool way to do it.

I'm doing APA a lot also - I've noticed how important it is to enjoy it as a meditation.

I also use eartest and I try to stay between %80-90 correct. Otherwise it's either frustrating or boring.

I have my moments of hearing notes - but I've tried so many different ideas (some programs, some of my own excersises) that I don't have a good way to gague my progress specificly.

One of the hard parts is trying to know if a "feeling" i have about a note is made up based on timbre, my knowlege of the keyboard, past experience etc... Or is it a feeling unique to that chroma.


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