oh good grief

Thoughts and responses regarding the research at acousticlearning.com.
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oh good grief

Postby aruffo » Thu Aug 13, 2009 2:29 am

Here we go again.

On the plus side, it occurs to me that this marketing ploy looks almost exactly like the others... maybe if enough of them appear, it will become obvious to anyone that they're all the same fraud.

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Postby Nikolaus » Sun Aug 16, 2009 12:53 pm


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Postby koenig » Wed Sep 09, 2009 2:59 pm

I'll take two!!!

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Postby allaf » Wed Sep 09, 2009 4:37 pm

A Skill That Has Allowed Musical Legends Such As Jimi Hendrix, Mariah Carey, And Mozart To Steamroll Their Way To The Top!"

Of course it is false, but they managed to put Mariah Carey beetween Mozart and Jimi hendrix!!

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Postby Stefan » Mon Dec 14, 2009 3:15 pm

what in the world is going on with all those cookie cutter websites that all look the same, huge bold red text, secrets finally unrevealed, haha, all selling garbage.

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There May Be Some Truth to It

Postby Seeker » Sun May 18, 2014 4:46 pm

I agree that the marketing site may be overhyped, but I think Burge's course site is over-hyped too. I bought Burge's course and tried to catch on, but gave up because it seemed too abstract to be practical. Although it may be possible to eventually learn to discern tone colors, I wonder if I could ever recognize colors of all the different notes in "real time" in an orchestral piece or pop song.

I've been considering trying PitchMasterPro because I read some reviews that explain it is based on two factors that seem realistic to me (scale degrees and pitch memory). Professor Daniel Levitin of McGill University found in 1992 that adults can memorize two musical pitches pretty reliably. That seems to be the foundation of PitchMasterPro (what the sales page calls "anchor notes"). I think this program starts with one or two anchor notes.

From the web site, it sounds like PitchMasterPro actually emphasizes scale degrees and relative pitch--which I think is actually more practical and useful than trying to develop perfect pitch alone (if it's even possible to develop perfect pitch after childhood). I haven't decided for sure whether to buy PitchMasterPro, but I'm leaning towards giving it a try because there's a money-back guarantee.

What I'm using right now is “Functional Ear Trainer - Basic” (Version 1.3) (a free program at http://www.miles.be/software/4-function ... iner-basic ), which helps to recognize scale degrees. I've noticed it has made a positive difference in picking out melodies and recognizing chord progressions. Something else I've found very helpful is to play "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" on the piano in a bunch of random keys by ear, concentrating on thinking about the scale degrees involved (sort of like the Nashville Number System).

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