A man achieve perfect pitch with a sensory device

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A man achieve perfect pitch with a sensory device

Post by abminor » Tue Oct 28, 2014 12:18 am

Interesting, I stumbled upon this ted talk about Neil Harbisson who is born color blind and invented a cyber device that produce sound frequencies matching colors.

https://www.ted.com/talks/neil_harbisso ... n_to_color

So I became curious to know if he could have achieved some degree of perfect pitch and it seems he does, according to this interview:

Munsell: Did that change your perception of music? If you hear music that is a little off key, are you more sensitive to it because you can better differentiate notes?

NH: Yes, color perception has given me a perception of sound that I didn’t have before. So thanks to color, now I can detect and I have perfect pitch within this octave which I didn’t have before, and also, it’s changed the way I perceive untuned music. I actually like hearing music that is untuned because it gives colors that are not usually heard in well tuned music.

Munsell: So it didn’t make you more sensitive, it made you appreciate it!

NH: Yeah, exactly. So, for example, like, schools, children’s schools, when they play [out of tune] it’s perfect! It’s so much more colorful than a perfectly tuned orchestra. That orchestra will usually play the same 12 colors whereas the school will play maybe 60 more colors. When you hear color it’s extremely microtonal. In my case I have 360 notes in an octave, so, there are many more chances of creating chords that don’t sound good. - See more at: http://munsell.com/color-blog/neil-harb ... uI6fk.dpuf

source: http://munsell.com/color-blog/neil-harb ... ng-colors/

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