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Attachment MOD for this forum

Post by gavriel » Tue Mar 25, 2008 8:46 am

Dear Chris,

I was just contacted by my programmer. The one who administers my site.
He has been reading my postings on this forum in the last days.

One thing he would strongly recommend to you is to update your PHPBB Forum with the Attachment MOD:

That mod allowed users to attache files to their posts on the forum, which will be either presented in the body of the post or as a file for download.

People write about it:
"This by far as to be the best mod for PHPBB. It is very feature rich and has to be one of the largest mods written as far as lines of code."
I myself used to have a phpbb2 forum on my site (later changed it to a google blog, and the attachment MOD really helped people take part and share information (files of any kind!). You can set it the way you want: limit the size of files number of files type of files etc... It is a really good tool, and has been around for as long as PHPBB MODs are out there.

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