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RSS Feed generator

Post by KosciaK » Wed Aug 16, 2006 2:34 pm


I've made a little research for a nice RSS Feed generator that works on both Windows (so I can be able to test it) and Mac (as far as I remember you are using it Chriss). Found two programmes that seems to be very easy to use and are free
1) - very simple but you have to send generated xml file to the server manually
2) ... wsexe.html - simple to use and yet quiet powerful one, very well documented,after initial setting up (feed title, link, author, ftp server details) everything is almost automatic. All you need to do is to add a title of new item in the feed (for example title of the article), add a link and a short description if you want and click "publish"

If you want to read feed it's best (at least in my opinion) to use something in your web browser like Wizz RSS plugin for firefox

If you don't feel like going into these feed there's no problem, as you've said is all just cosmetics. The most important is that you are doing great job with researching and making the ETC

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Post by aruffo » Wed Aug 16, 2006 3:48 pm

Okay.. here's where I confess my ignorance..

What is RSS, anyway? And what benefits does it provide?

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Post by KosciaK » Thu Aug 17, 2006 6:39 am


RSS stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication - it's just a xml file with all the info (entries title, description, date, etc)
It's mostly used to announce changes on the webpage. For example new entries on blog-likes, new articles on the online newspaper or news agencies, changes in the software, etc, etc. Very useful when changes are made irregurally.
User don't have to load the web page and search for the "news" page or look through all the pages to check if there something new, not knowing if the new entry is interesting or not. He can just check the feed in RSS reader (or aggregator as it's commonly named) and see if there's something and what exactly is new. Or he can set up RSS reader to check the pages every 15, 30 minutes (or any other amount of time) and the reader notify if there's something new published. With one click he can go to the desired article, no need to search the whole web site.

Some of the internet browsers (Firefox for sure) has some in-built software for RSS Feeds. In Firefox these are "Live bookmarks" - dynamically created links that are provided by the feed

Here's a screenshot of Wizz RSS in action (:
In top pane there's list of feeds, then titles of the elements in the feed (green ones are the newly added since last check), bottom pane is a description. One click and the page I'm interested in opens in the main browser window.


Benefits for the webmaster:
- You can save the bandwith (if it's limited) - users download only the small xml file containing the RSS feed, not the whole web page
- Users won't miss anything important

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