What kind of musicians are you?

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What kind of musicians are you?

Post by Andi » Wed May 31, 2006 12:47 pm


I‘d find it very interesting to know what kind of musicians my fellow-ETC-users are?
I myself play guitar – but just for fun (not for money). I started when I was 14 years old and play anything from classic to blues and rock. Most of this I learned as an autodidact. My eartraining level so far (before starting with ETC):
I can play a melody that I’m hearing after a few tries and I’ve noticed, that the critical point for me is the following: A melody that I can’t copy on guitar I also can’t sing! If I’m able to sing it correctly I usually can play it “on the fly”. My ability in naming Intervals and chords was rather poor. But as I’m using ETC since april 2006 this has really improved. But I must confess that while all the intervals are easy to recognize in the key of C – when it comes to “two notes advanced” my performance is becoming quite lousy. But I hope this will change soon.
Beside my attempts with the ETC, I’m starting to learn playing the Piano (keyboard), which works rather good. At the moment I can play “Entertainer” and “Peacherine Rag” by Scott Joplin and I’m working on Mozart’s “all turca”.
Are there any users out there who are professional musicians?
Or is it just a hobby like with me?
What have you achieved so far since you are using ETC?


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Post by PianoMan » Tue Jul 04, 2006 12:25 pm

I learnt piano classically since age 6 (now 18 years old). I also play the drums, guitar (plus guitar variations, ie. banjo, bass etc..), clarinet, double bass, and most recently i took up the violin. I teach piano, singing and bass guitar, aswell as working in a cocktail lounge as a pianist. Some time in the next few years i intend to commence a bachelor degree in Jazz piano... and there after perhaps jump onto a cruise ship and be paid to travel the world playing music.

I got ETC because i'm fascinated with AP.. seems like such an awesome thing to have.

I'm intrigued with your piano playing, rondo alla turca is a pretty hefty piece to tackle for someone just starting out in piano.. do you have a simplified version?

ETC so far has more or less reaffirmed skills i already have to the point that they are SOLID. And turned me into a pretending AP, since i can now without fail recall and sing a C, i can therefore use relative pitch to get at any other notes. Musically its not that useful to me yet though, and I dont think AP will be all that useful until i have a large portion of the cromatic scale ingrained in my mind.

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Post by lorelei » Tue Jun 08, 2010 6:11 am

I have learned piano since age 5, violin from age nine. I was exposed to music long before starting to play though. In piano I'm playing things like Chopin's Db major Berceuse.
At around age 8 I started sight-singing and learning music theory, both of which are very useful (btw, I recommend ear training by trying to sight-sing without a starting note and playing it only after singing the whole song. I developed active AP this way, although I had passive AP already). The next music theory course coming up after summer is on Solfege, and involves singing in several different clefs, i.e. treble, bass, alto, tenor, soprano. I have also composed since age 7, and recently orchestrated a violin piece that had only a piano accompaniment.
I got involved with this forum in order to better understand other people, and learn more about why only few people have AP, as well as to better understand how AP works.

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