Experience with the 5.1 Chordhopper

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Experience with the 5.1 Chordhopper

Post by TS » Sun Dec 09, 2007 5:58 am

This is a report of my experience with the new Chordhopper, with the revised single tone part.

I played the old Chordhopper and got to a starting distance of 44m or 46m, or somewhere around there, but I never really learned to hear the single pitches in the chords very well. The pitches that I did learn to hear were the middle octave A and B, and I recognised the tulip-chord and the middle gray chord because they both contained the A tone, and I recognised the butterfly, one of the dominant 7th chords, one of the diminished chords and one of the E-minor chords because they all contained the B tone. I recognised these two tones because they triggered a melody in my head that would resolve to C, that is, when I heard the A, I would automatically hear a melody A,B,C, and when I heard the B, I would hear that same melody and realise that it's the second tone. This melody trigger didn't happen with any other tones.

Then I received the new Chordhopper, and decided to start from the beginning with a new player. First I played a few games with the new player, and then tried to play a game with the old player in the high level, and I noticed that the game seemed much easier. My progress had started to slow down in the higher levels, but after just a few games (less than 10) with the new player in the first level, the higher levels suddenly seemed easier, so the revised single tone part really had a big effect.
I then began advancing the new player through the levels, and I noticed at around maybe 12m starting distance that I was hearing the lowest C tone in the three chords that contain it. I had never before heard the C tone in Chordhopper, and the sensation of the C tone is exactly the same as in Absolute Pitch Blaster. I noticed that I was able to recognise the three chords in the top left corner very easily using the C tone, so I thought that maybe I could make the whole game a little easier by trying to focus on some other tone, and so I decided to try to focus on the G tone. This time it didn't just happen on its own, but I made a conscious effort to focus on the G tone, and indeed I started to hear it in the chords, and now I recognise the orange chords because they don't contain the G, and I recognise the three top left chords because they contain the low C.

Focusing on the C and G seemed pretty easy, but I don't know if it's Chordhopper that's taught me these pitches, or if I'm using my skills from APB, because I'm at blue level, so C and G are the pitches that I've been practising. Still, I couldn't have consciously focused on the G tone without the new single tone game, because the way I did it was that I just waited for the G tone to appear in the single tone part and then tried to remember it.

All in all, the new single tone part of the game is a really great improvement.

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