Interval-Based & Scale-Degree Ear-Training with Interval Loader

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Interval-Based & Scale-Degree Ear-Training with Interval Loader

Postby LadyBluebell » Mon Mar 06, 2017 3:22 pm

Hello. I re-started serious ear-training a few weeks ago. I got to Level 27, but felt it was best to restart from Level 1. I am now still in at Level 13, continuous game.

I have read a lot about the supposed benefits of scale-degree ear-training verses the more traditionally taught interval-based methods. I personally can see how both would have their place.

If I only use this software for my ear-training, would Interval Loader utilize most methods of each I would come across in other programs? So far, I can see both C-tonic scale-degree as well as harmonic intervals. I assume I will eventually come across more tonic keys.

It appears that Interval Loader goes through the same exercises, benefits as the recognition-based software or audio of scale-degree programs in its own way.

Does Interval Loader also go through levels with melodic intervals from a single pitch or are the only single pitches based on scale-degrees?

I just wanted to know what I can expect in future levels. Thanks!

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Re: Interval-Based & Scale-Degree Ear-Training with Interval Loader

Postby aruffo » Fri Mar 10, 2017 8:23 am

Interval Loader is focused mainly on scale degrees; it's certainly a good idea to have more than one resource for ear training!

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